Hiatal Hernia-Reflux

The Treatment of a Hiatal Hernia from a Chiropractor in Cumming, GA

When people think about chiropractors, they often think about people who specialize in the treatment of back injuries. While this is a key part of what every chiropractor does, there are many more conditions that we work to treat. We can treat a number of common conditions in an alternative manner that seeks to minimize side effects while maximizing the prevention of its return. At Cumming Chiropractic Center, we see a lot of patients who come to see us with a significant amount of pain from something called a hiatal hernia. Here we will explain how we help treat this problem.


What is a Hiatal Hernia?

A hiatal hernia is one of the most common hernias that people might develop. With this type of hernia, the stomach slides up next to the esophagus. There is typically a layer of muscle that separates the stomach from the esophagus. In a hiatal hernia, this muscle spreads out slightly. When this happens, the stomach is able to slide up next to the esophagus. Then, people develop symptoms of reflux. Some of the symptoms include the feeling of liquid moving back up into the esophagus, bad breath, a metal taste in the mouth, and a burning sensation in the throat. In severe cases, people might even start to lose weight. This is where it is important to seek medical care.

Chiropractic Treatment of a Hiatal Hernia

Often, people are told that they need to have a surgical operation to correct a hiatal hernia. This is called a Nissen fundoplication. While this procedure can be an effective treatment option, there are risks that come with any surgery. Sometimes, the Nissen wrap might even come loose, reversing itself. For this reason, everyone who has been told they have this hernia should also meet with a trained chiropractor before they continue with the surgery. We have a variety of other treatment options that include dietary changes and strengthening procedures that might be able to help you avoid the operating room altogether. Come and see us today to learn more about this option.

Trust the Well-Rounded Team at Cumming Chiropractic Center

A hiatal hernia is only one of many conditions that we often see at our office. At Cumming Chiropractic Center, we take a lot of pride in well-rounded healthcare services we can provide to all of our patients. Some of the other areas in which we specialize include personal injury treatment, auto accident injury treatment, and pediatrics. Trust our chiropractic team to take care of you and your family. If you would like to learn more about our services, please call Cumming Chiropractic Center today to schedule an appointment.

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