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Cumming Chiropractic Center offers all the chiropractic services your family needs in Cumming, GA. Visit our clinic today if you are looking for a way to manage your back pain naturally, recover faster from a personal or auto accident injury, prevent future injuries, and more. We also offer pediatric chiropractic care. Keep reading to learn more about the services we offer at our clinic. 


Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Auto accidents can leave you with a headache, in both a figurative and a literal sense. If you've recently been in an accident on the road, you could have sustained an invisible injury, such as whiplash, a pulled muscle, or a damaged disc. This type of injury can persist for years if it's not treated quickly and correctly. Our chiropractor can evaluate you for back or neck problems after you've been in an auto accident and put together a personalized treatment plan for you.

Personal Injury Treatment

Whether you hurt yourself at home or at work, chiropractic care is essential for making a great recovery. Let us help you heal and prevent re-injury. Under our chiropractor's care, you'll be able to make a timely recovery without relying on medication to manage your symptoms. We are also able to treat sports injuries. 

Pain Management

If you live with chronic pain, it's important to find natural ways to feel better. Chiropractic care is one of the most-recommended treatments for keeping chronic pain at a manageable level without relying on pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, many patients find chiropractic care as effective as over-the-counter painkillers for relieving pain. Visit our clinic if you are looking for help managing your arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, low back pain, or another painful condition.

Preventative Care

It's best not to wait until you are injured to see a chiropractor. Spinal manipulations are beneficial to your health no matter what kind of physical shape you're in. When you visit our clinic for adjustments on a regular basis, you'll be less likely to develop poor posture or injure yourself during activity. You'll also experience less back pain as you get older. 


We can treat your whole family, including kids from toddlers to teenagers, at our chiropractic clinic. Preventative chiropractic care is arguably even more important for children than it is for adults, since any problems with a child's spine can often be caught and corrected while the vertebrae are still growing. 

Is It Time to See a Chiropractor in Cumming, GA?

If you would like to manage your pain more effectively or recuperate faster from an accident or injury, let us help. We are accepting new patients. You can reach Cumming Chiropractic Center to make an appointment at 770-889-2208. 

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  • "I love coming here! The staff is friendly and welcoming. Dr. Jason has helped to take away a lot of my back pain. The best part is that it's helped with my headaches. I rarely have any after having a minimum of 5 a week. Just awesome!"
    Rhonda J.

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