Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury Cases Have One Important Common Characteristic

Dr. Jason Gregory, your chiropractor in Cumming, GA, has seen thousands of auto accident injury and personal injury patients, some of them pediatrics patients. Every case is a little different, but there is one thing every auto accident injury and every personal injury case has in common:


It is always better to focus on staying healthy than it is to focus on getting pain treatment or getting over a disability. In auto accident injury and personal injury cases, this means coming in for assessment and possibly for treatment as soon as possible after the injury occurs. You don't have to live with pain.

What People Usually Do for Auto Accident Injury Pain and Personal Injury Pain

Over and over again people come in to see their chiropractor in Cumming, GA, and the conversation goes something like this:

"Dr. Jason, I am having some really bad neck pain." Or, "I'm having neck pain that is radiating down into my arms." Or "I'm having lower back pain. It's going down into my legs." Then the doctor will start to take history and ask if the patient has ever had any accidents.

Time after time the patient will reply something on like, "No...wait, I was in an automobile accident four or five or six years ago." Then Dr. Jason will ask the patient if they got any treatment for it. The answer will be something like "No, my neck was sore for a week or two but then the pain went away."

Then the doctor will take an x-ray of the neck and find that there has been whiplash injury from four or five or six years ago. The neck stopped hurting, but the whiplash injury has caused the neck to be out of alignment for so long that there is now arthritis or degenerative disease of the discs. The condition has taken years for the person even to realize that there was a problem. The degenerative disease takes so long to develop that people don't even remember that they have been in an accident.

The same scenario plays out in personal injury cases. Dr. Jason even sees teens, young adults, adults in midlife, and senior citizens who are only presently shown the need for pain treatment for injuries that were pediatric cases. Dr. Jason's advice for everyone involved in an auto accident injury or personal injury, even if it's a minor one, is always to go to the chiropractor to make sure the spine is in alignment and there's been no injury that needs treatment right away.

Make your appointment with your chiropractor in Cumming, GA right away after an injury.

It's never too soon to seek chiropractic care. Make your appointment with Dr. Jason Gregory today!

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