Eustachian Tube and Chiropractic

Suffering from Eustachian Tube Dysfunction? Our Chiropractor in Cumming, GA, May Be Able to Help

If you ever had ear pain or ear infection before, then you know how uncomfortable it is to have it. The pain could be so excruciating that you will want relief fast. While many will choose medication to reduce the discomfort, it is not a permanent solution, as it does not correct the main problem of the pain. An alternative that will get to the bottom of the problem and treat it fast, safe, and effectively is chiropractic treatment. Here at Cumming Chiropractic Center, your chiropractor in Cumming, GA, we have adult and pediatric methods that can give the relief that many people with an ear infection, pain, or injury are seeking for. Read the information below to understand what causes ear pain.


An Overview of Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

The eustachian tube is a small canal that runs from the back of the nose to the middle ear. This tube is normally closed and opens whenever we have to yawn, swallow, chew, or sneeze. The functions of it are to regulate air pressure in the ear, protect the middle ear from loud sounds, and drain mucus from the middle ear to the throat to prevent infections. Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD) occurs when the passageway becomes blocked with mucus or inflamed. Allergies, illnesses, auto accident injuries, personal injuries, and changes in altitude pressure can trigger eustachian tube dysfunction.

This condition is rather common, typically affecting children, smokers, and people who are obese, partake in altitude changing activities, or have allergies.

Symptoms of ETD vary with each person and can be mild or severe. A few common symptoms include a sensation of the ear being full or plugged, ear pain or tenderness, ringing in the ears, feeling unbalanced, sounds being muffled, and hearing clicking or popping sounds.

Usually, ETD can go away on its own, specifically in cases where altitude pressure changes happen. But, if it is caused by an infection, illness, allergies, auto accident injury, or personal injury, then treatment interventions are necessary.

How Chiropractic Can Help

Not many people know that the spine and the nervous system are interconnected. When the spine is out of alignment, such as in cases when an auto accident injury or personal injury occurs, the nervous systems fail to send proper messages throughout the body, exposing you to problems like eustachian tube dysfunction. By seeing a chiropractor for treatment or routine care, your body can be restored to correct alignment, and your nerve system can function again. Treatment from a chiropractor can also prevent ear issues like ETD from returning in the future.

From Pediatrics to Adult Care, We Have The Services to Help Our Patients

Ear pain no longer needs to be in your life. Routine care or treatment from us can significantly reduce ear pain or eliminate it. Don't wait another day to see if chiropractic will work for you. Call Cumming Chiropractic Center today at 770-889-2208 to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in Cumming, GA. We have the techniques to help you improve your condition, including eustachian tube dysfunction.

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